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The Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up

You’re faced with a difficult health condition. You have exhausted medicine’s answers. What do you do? Susannah Meadows tells the real-life stories of seven families who persisted when traditional medicine alone wasn’t enough.

Their adventures take us to the outer frontiers of medical science and cutting-edge complementary therapies, as Meadows explores research into the mind’s potential to heal the body, the possible role food may play in reversing disease, the power of agency, perseverance, and hope—and more.

When journalist Susannah Meadows noticed her three-year-old son, Shepherd, shying away from soccer practice, she had no idea it was the first sign of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. The diagnosis was the first step of a long journey, physically painful for Shepherd and emotionally wrenching for Susannah and her family. But they pressed on, and using a combination of traditional and complementary medicine they beat the disease, and the odds.

Meadows chronicles her own story, and takes you into the lives of other remarkable people, exploring their heartbreaks and triumphs. One boy who has severe food allergies undergoes an unconventional therapy and is soon eating everything. An organic farmer in Washington State tries to solve the puzzle of her daughter’s epileptic seizures. A physician with MS creates her own combination of treatments and goes from a wheelchair to riding a bike again. A child diagnosed with ADHD refuses to take medication and instead improves his life, and the life of his family, after changing his diet. Other families take on rheumatoid arthritis and autistic behaviors.

Meadows includes new information about traditional and nontraditional medicine and the latest science on how the health of our gut bacteria is connected to wellness—and how the right foods play a key role in helping this microscopic population thrive. She also talks with scientists who study the traits and circumstances that may make some people keep going when others feel helpless. These researchers are illuminating the psychology of healing—how the mind, and asserting control over your body and health, can play a part in recovery.

Fascinating, moving, and profoundly inspiring, The Other Side of Impossible gives us people driven by love, desperation, and astonishing resolve—a community of the defiant who share an extraordinary talent for hope and for fighting the battle for healing in today’s world and tomorrow’s.

Advance praise for The Other Side of ImpossibleThe Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up

“In this affecting and illuminating book, Susannah Meadows emerges as the kind of sound, sensible, and invaluable friend you want by your side when medical disaster strikes. She brings a strong grasp of science, a writerly sensibility, and a good heart to the difficult subject of the present and future of healthcare. If you love someone, read The Other Side of Impossible.”—Jon Meacham

“I laughed out loud more than once, choked up more than twice, and generally marveled at the lovely humanity and sharp mind at work. This extremely useful guide to never giving up is journalism at its most responsible, intelligent, and compassionate.”—Kelly Corrigan

“The Other Side of Impossible is an amazing book—insightful, compassionate, and quite possibly life-changing.”—Curtis Sittenfeld

Nostalgic Anime Lipsticks


Creer Beaute’s Mega Nourishing Sailor Moon Lipstick Line is so 90s. The new Sailor Moon lipstick collection represents the latest in 90s nostalgia. From Japanese beauty brand Creer Beaute, the anime series inspired Moisture Rouge line consists of five lip colors for each of the five Sailor Scouts.
The lipstick packaging looks like pens used by the girls in the television show, in all the appropriate colors. In addition to being super cute and a little kitschy, the Sailor Moon lipstick range is also extremely hydrating. The lip products contain hyaluronic acid as well as macadamia seed oil and sunflower seed oil. The lipsticks deliver sheer and wearable colors such as pink, peach and red shades.
Moisture Rouge becomes available in June 2017, but it is unclear if the range ships to North America

Bird Feather-Inspired Mascaras

Pretty Vulgar, a cosmetics brand that’s celebrated by beauty fanatics for its immaculate packaging and positive mantra that celebrates diversity and individuality, updated its selection with The Feathers Mascara.
The long-wearing mascara comes in a luxurious tube that’s colored Millennial pink and white and is shaped like a Greek pillar. On top of the tube, a tiny bird is featured in a matching hue of metallic pink — making the product instantly recognizable. The bird on the tube corresponds to the shape of the mascara brush as well, which is made to resemble a feather.
Due to its innovative shape, Pretty Vulgar’s The Feathers Mascara is able to create dramatic length and volume — all while nourishing hairs with pro-vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronate.

The PESI Lumber Collection is Disguised to Look Like Wood

       Not all furniture needs to be designed with the permanence that we typically associate with interior pieces, and the PESI Lumber Collection is a set of side and end tables that are intentionally liminal while looking tough and durable. Though the PESI Lumber Collection is designed to look like the hardy outdoor picnic tables of parks around the world, the flat-pack tables are actually made out of cardboard, making them ideal for temporary spaces.
The side tables are meant to be assembled quickly and easily, and since they’re flat-packed, they’re convenient for transporting. There are 11 types of cardboard pieces that can be assembled into six different table formations that vary from one another in length, width, and height. The easy-to-read instruction manual gives a guide for how to arrive at each of these configurations.

Multi-Layered Avocado Salads

One of the newest menu items to be introduced to El Pollo Loco are the ‘Layered Avocado Salads,’ which are served in tall glass bowls that emphasize the assorted ingredients as a visual treat. Fresh, summery and colorful ingredients like black beans, pico de gallo and crunchy tortilla strips are included in these bowls, which can be shaken to blend the multiple layers of the meal.
The eatery is introducing four different types of Layered Avocado Salads, which includes options like the Double Chicken California, Tossed Chicken Kale Caesar and Shrimp Mango.
As well as acknowledging that avocados are in high demand in food dishes, El Pollo Loco presents its new Layered Avocado Salads in a way that is photo-ready and entices consumers to share their healthy meals on social media.